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3 low cost printers available quickly

In a context of confinement, where a pass is mandatory in order to move around, here are three second-hand , inexpensive and quickly deliverable printers that will allow you to print the famous sesame.

After confusing announcements and then back-pedaling, the government is now clear: it is not possible to use a digital honour roll to travel within the confines of the government’s confinement, so there are two options: write them by hand for each trip, or print them out.

To make your search easier, especially in this emergency situation, here are three inexpensive printers that you can buy quickly and that are enough to print a few documents at a time.

HP Laser 107a: the inexpensive laser printer

Unlike inkjet printers, which tend to clog up after too long a period without use, laser printers don’t have this problem, and are more convenient for very one-time use.

The best low cost option is at HP, with HP Laser107a available for less than 100 euros at Cdiscount, and the eligible product Cdiscount at will, delivered in 48h.It currently benefits from a 40 euros refund offer, which brings it down to less than 60 euros.Pretty cool.

The printer is really basic: black and white only and no ancillary features such as photocopying or scanning. It is also wired only. As laser printers are also faster than inkjet, you will be able to print 20 pages per minute.

Epson Expression Home XP-2100: wireless and multifunction

If you need to print a few documents in a year, you don’t need to invest a lot of money in your printer, this Epson Expression Home XP-2100 model will do the job for 77 euros at the time of writing.

It’s a Wi-Fi inkjet printer (which makes it easy to print from a smartphone) and color printer capable of printing 8 pages per minute. Like almost all inkjet printers on the market today, it’s also multifunctional: photocopying and scanning are there.

HP Laserjet MFP 135a: Laser and multifunction

If you’re looking for a printer that you’ll use regularly, look no further than the HP Laserjet MFP 135a, a more complete but also more bulky laser printer that costs less than $150 and can be delivered within 48 hours and is eligible for the $40 cash-back offer.

You’ll also find a photocopy function and also benefits from a scanner.Attention on the other hand, to keep the price low, it remains wired only and in black and white.Note that you can still print documents from a USB key.

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